Who is El Jefe? We are Ramon and Angela Preciado along with our four beautiful children. Our love of German Rottweilers began as more chance or possibly by pure accident. We purchased our first Rottweiler from a wonderful breeder and since, they have become our best friends. Through their support and dedication we have learned the ins and outs of Showing, Confirmation and Training this wonderful breed.

Every time we left our house, we took our rottie with us. By pure accident our beautiful Rottweiler became a Service Dog. Everyday he showed us the true essence of a Rottweiler. We learned about loyalty, strength and devotion....... all from a dog.

We soon realized that we wanted another Rottweiler. We felt like our children and the Entire world should get to experience the same things we did. We rapidly went from one Rottweiler to 4 and each of them seemed to possess the same amazing qualities as the first. My husband and I decided that we wanted to help others understand and enjoy this Fantastic breed.

Our goal is to breed the correct Rottweiler.
Size, Color, Head type, Bone and most of all Temperament.

Our puppies are born in the house. They are socialized with children and other animals from the second they are born.

We breed to meet the FCI standard therefore we do not dock tails. We also have AKC PRIVELEDGES on all of our Rottweilers.